Formula Student

The Formula Student is a world-class automotive engineering competition founded in 1981 in the United States. Nowadays, the Formula Student has almost 1,000 teams made up of engineering students from all over the world. With the aim of training future professionals in the engineering professions, the Formula Student is an opportunity for students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice, but not only that: they also have to solve a variety of problems specific to the internal workings of a vehicle, problems which they will not encounter anywhere else than within their team, during the creation of their prototype.
But the training doesn’t stop there: by joining a racing team, the future engineers become part of a real company: project management, budget management, the whole ecosystem of small and medium-sized businesses that they discover by designing and building, by themselves, prototypes that pass both static and dynamic tests.

Future engineers work on the entire industrial lifecycle of a product: from specifications to tendering, design and production. This invaluable knowledge and unique professionalism make their profile attractive to recruiters and industrial companies looking to build the world of tomorrow. Formula Student is not just a competition, it’s also a recruitment forum, bridging the gap between future engineers and the industry players present at the event.